Dog Training


Focusing on giving your puppy the perfect start in life, and Owner Trained Assistance Dog training, I offer private training sessions in your own home and local environment.  This allows you to apply the sessions to your own personal situation and location, rather than your dog only learning how to behave within a training hall.

Sessions 4 to 6, of the Perfect Puppy Course, take place in locations such as your local park, allowing us to work on being calm around dogs, people, and everyday distractions, as well as polite greeting behaviours with the normal range of dogs which you are likely to meet out on your walks.

For those dog owners who would like to get themselves and their puppy off to a great start before starting group classes, there is also the option of a Perfect Start session.

"Training" can begin from the moment that you bring your puppy home, at 8 weeks of age.

Perfect Start Session

Are you planning on attending a group puppy class but would like to set off on the right foot, while waiting for the course to begin?  If so, this is a great option for you.

We discuss;

  • Making your home puppy proof,
  • Nutrition & health and well being issues
  • Setting yourself and your puppy up to succeed
  • House training
  • Being left
  • Lifeskills
  • Socialisation
  • Play biting
  • Laying strong foundations
  • Games and enrichment
  • Exercise
  • Useful resources

You will also be given a range of training products, treats and toys, to help you on your way.

Sessions will last approximately 2-2.5 hours and are great value at only £90.


The Perfect Puppy Course is ideal if you would like a bespoke training package and support to guide you through your puppy's first few months, or even first year.

In session one we cover the same as in the Perfect Start course, with the session being roughly 2 hours long.  There is a lot of theory in this session, which is ideal if you have a young puppy who wouldn't manage a whole hour of training.

Session 2 and 3 take place within your home and work on learning foundation behaviours, without any distractions.

The final 3 sessions take place in locations of your choice, to enable us to practice calm behaviour and self control around distractions, such as dogs, wildlife, and people, before practicing the foundation behaviours learnt in weeks 1 to 3. 

These sessions provide you with so much more than what you can fit into group classes, and appear to be much more beneficial to clients.  Some clients have chosen to attend group classes at the same time, having the Perfect Puppy Course alongside to cover what is missed or not possible to practice within the group class environment. 

You get all of this, 7 hours of training, and support throughout your training, for only £245.  Equivalent to only £35 per session.


Luna and I embarked on our puppy course with Helen when Luna was 12 weeks.

I had previously intended taking her to a group puppy class but I thought that a more bespoke approach might be best as Luna was already well socialised and there wasn't one available over the summer locally.

I wasn't disappointed. It was well worth the investment as the advice has been invaluable.

I had owned dogs previously but not for some years, so this was an excellent way of updating myself on the latest approaches to training as well as to information about feeding, toys and loads of other things.

Helen was a very good teacher and Luna adored her. I'd definitely recommend the puppy course.

Thank you Helen :-)

~ Helen & Luna

I am excited to announce that I am currently in the process of producing an online Perfect Puppy training course.  This comprehensive course is designed to offer extra support and guidance alongside your existing training sessions or as a stand alone course where you will be able to work towards awards.  This course will also offer a strong foundation to new rescue dogs too.

I hope that I will be able to launch this course by May2020.

As a special, introductory offer, I will be giving everyone a one time only 50% discount for the first month of launching. 


Are you wanting to work on a specific area of your dog's training, or perhaps get a focused introduction to new activities to do with your dog?  If so, these fun, 4 session, workshops are for you.

  • 4 Week Recall Masterclass
  • 4 Week Loose Lead Walking Masterclass
  • 4 Week Helper Dog Masterclass
  • 4 Week Dog Parkour Masterclass
  • 4 Week Trick Dog Masterclass

All 4 sessions for only £140 (£35 per session) to include a training pack, contents vary.

Alternatively, share your sessions with a friend for the following:

  • 2 dogs = £25 each
  • 4 dogs = £15 each

Fantastic Fido's - Owner Trained Assistance Dogs

Do you have a well natured puppy or young adult dog, who you would like to train to assist you with a health condition?  If so, the Fantastic Fido programme is for you.

Starting off with the basics, we then work through three stages of advanced training, until the level of skills learnt are equivalent to that of a fully trained assistance dog.

Level one of the Fantastic Fido course is assessed in house, while Level 2 is assessed by another trainer in your home and local environment, and Level 3 is assessed in a completely new environment for you both.  This procedure allow us to ensure that assessment is not biased and the standards are being met. 

Previous clients include those with physical disabilities, autism, and PTSD.

Training costs the same as standard training, however, there may be additional costs for log books etc, and there is also the additional cost for the external assessments. 

Initial 1-2-1 Session £85 and follow on sessions are £35 when booked in bulk of 3 or more. 

Initial 1-2-1 sESSIONS

Initial 1-2-1 Session are 2 hour sessions for dog owners who wish to focus on one aspect of their dogs behaviour, such as jumping up, rather than booking a 6 or 4 week course.

Examples of behaviours that can be worked on in these sessions include:

  • Jumping up
  • Recall
  • Loose lead walking
  • Parkour Foundations 
  • House Training
  • Puppy Mouthing
  • Pet Dog Obedience and Life Skills
  • Trick Training

Initial 1-2-1 Sessions last for roughly 2 hours and include a goody pack.

PAYG follow up sessions are roughly 1 hour in duration.

  • Initial 1-2-1 Session (2 hours) = £85
  • Follow Up Sessions (1 hour) = £40 or 3, or more, for £35 each

These sessions take place in your own home and local environment and are for training needs only.  If you are unsure if you require an initial 1-2-1 or a behaviour consult, please get in touch.

If an initial 1-2-1 session is booked when a behaviour consultation is required, management advice will be given but the main session will need to be postponed and rescheduled.  This will involve an additional charge.


I first met with Helen on a private one to one basis in March 2015.  Then I had a 1 year old Black Labrador who had more bounce to the ounce!

Helen was patient and kind and through positive reward based training and a change of diet my bouncy juvenile young lab grew into a calm patient family pet.

With Helen's guidance we also qualified as a working Assistance Dog team in summer 2016 with Dog A.I.D 

~ Anna & Bumble

We started training with Helen in September 2018 and have already seen amazing progress with Shadow.  The training methodology centres around positive reinforcement and is fun for both owner and dog.  Oppose to other training schools, we have been to, Helen respects the learning style of the dog and their individual personalities.

~ Hannah & Shadow

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