Canine Behaviour

CAnine Behaviour Consultations 

With over a decade of working in the canine behaviour field, including as behaviourist within rescue, I offer both practical experience as well as knowledge from my specialist BSc (Hons) Canine Behaviour Management degree, and many years of CPD, to take a holistic approach to your dogs behaviour.  I have also lived with dogs with various behaviour problems, including dog reactivity, human reactivity, and separation anxiety.

My training as a Reiki Master/Teacher and in Touch for Health Kinesiology, also allows me the rather unique ability to work with challenges that the owners may be having themselves, such as anxiety about their dogs behaviour, their ability to carry out the modification plan, and physical problems such as balance when walking their dogs.

For dogs, I can currently offer Reiki, Acu-point therapy, massage, nutrition advice, and a range of other techniques to help restore balance, where needed.  I am also hoping to retrain in canine herbal choices, as I found that when previously using both herbs and essential oils, they were of great benefit within my behaviour consultations.

Standard Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour problems can develop at any time and for a variety of reasons.  Many of these reasons are fear and anxiety based, however, pain, ill health or just boredom can be contributing factors.

Living with a dog with a behaviour problem is often stressful and emotionally exhausting for the whole family, sometimes restricting everyday events like popping to the shops, going on walks or having friends over.

I take a holistic approach to behaviour consults and can even offer holistic therapies to both owner and dog (see Synergetic Behaviour Consults), if required.  I aim to help owners understand the reasons for their dogs behaviour and teach the practical skills for safe management and modification of the undesirable behaviour.

Behaviour consults can help to resolve problems such as:

  • Aggression towards other dogs, owners or strangers
  • Predatory drive behaviour
  • Aggression to other dogs in the home
  • Repetitive behaviours – such as spinning, tail chasing
  • Separation anxiety (see below)
  • Destructive behaviour
  • House soiling problems
  • Excessive barking
  • Other fears and phobias

I do need to request that all potential clients first visit their veterinary surgeon, to rule out pain, injury or ill-health as these can often cause a change in behaviour. Veterinary consults should be carried out before the behaviour modification sessions can begin.

This consists of:

  • Initial Visit - approx 2 hours,
  • A comprehensive report for you and your vet,
  • 1 x 30 minute online or phone follow ups (if desired)
  • 1 x 60 minute practical follow up session,
  • 6 months email support,
  • Easy to follow instructions,
  • Free mileage within 20 miles.
  • Complementary Pack

All this for only £180

Separation Anxiety Consultations

Living with separation anxiety, and related issues, can be traumatic not only for the dog but for the owners too. 

Having lived with two dogs with different forms of separation anxiety, I know how very difficult that it can be.  Even as a behaviourist, there were tears, there were a LOT of tears!   Now though, I can happily go out for 4 hours and sometimes I even go out all day with a dog sitter visiting for an hour or two midway through.

It is hard, very hard, however, believe me - it CAN be done and you can get there too!

Separation anxiety consultations can either have the first session in person or by Skype, with a video being sent ahead of the consultation for me to review.

With either option, the follow up session comes in the format of 4 Skype sessions of up to 30 minutes.

This initial consult and 4 (up to 30 minute) Skype sessions is only £220. 

These 4 sessions can be used in the following format: 

  • 2 per week for 2 weeks
  • 1 per week for 4 weeks
  • 1 per fortnight for 8 weeks

Group Reactive Rover Classes

I ran successful group Reactive Rover courses for 5 years, however, I am currently taking a break while sourcing new behaviourists and trainers to assist with these classes, as my original team are no longer available.  It is very challenging to run successful group Reactive Rover classes, which keep the dogs under threshold and maintain a calm and positive environment for both dogs and owners.  For this reason, I am VERY selective over the assistants I choose, their skills, experience, and training methods and style.

Watch this space for news of new courses! 

These courses consist of:

  • an assessment session in the home,
  • an assessment session in the secure venue,
  • 4 practical sessions,
  • 1 observation session,
  • and a group walk with previous clients at the end of the course. 

This course is usually £320-400, depending on the venues that I can secure for the course.

Max of 4 dogs, with 2 behaviourists always present, and usually 1 or 2 additional trainers.

Synergetic Behaviour Consultations

Synergetic Behaviour Consults are very similar to the Standard Behaviour Consultations, however, they also include holistic therapies.

This option is great for owners who are dealing with their own anxiety over managing their dogs behaviour, or who feel that their dog may be picking up on their general anxiety levels.  It can also be used to work on the dog's own wellbeing.  Veterinary permission is required before working on the dog.

This consists of:

  • Initial Visit - approx 2 hours,
  • 2 Holistic Therapy sessions (for you/your dog)
  • A comprehensive report for you and your vet,
  • 1 x 30 minute online or phone follow ups (if desired)
  • 1 x 60 minute practical follow up session,
  • 6 months email support,
  • Easy to follow instructions,
  • Free mileage within 20 miles.
  • Complementary Pack

All this for only £260

Continuation Session Packages

Continuation sessions, after the included follow up session, are available at only £60 per hour session, to include follow up notes to add to your initial report.

Alternatively, you can book 3 sessions for only £150 - a saving of £30! 

Skype Follow Ups (Separation Anxiety) are £25 for up to 30 minutes or £40 for up to one hour.  This includes a pre-session review of a video clip of up to 10 minutes in length, where necessary. 

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